Would you like to know more about our major renovation into a modern and even more luxurious hotel? A renovation, both small and large, can involve a lot of work. To take our guests along with us, we give a unique look behind the scenes about the various developments that have already taken place in the monthly updates below.

The renovation of Hotel Nuland - 's-Hertogenbosch is currently in its final phase. In general, our guests experience little inconvenience. Due to the realisation of our beautiful pop-up location 'De Valk Next Door' where our reception and restaurant are currently located, we manage to keep the renovation as unnoticed as possible once you are inside.

At the moment we are mainly working on the finishing touch of our new restaurant and meeting rooms which we will open first! This will include a large and modern terrace, 11 modern meeting rooms, a large à la carte restaurant and a large live-cooking buffet.

The facelift of our hotel wing, in which the Comfort rooms are located, is now largely completed. Among other things, the traditional thatched roof has made way for a more modern look. The balconies and terraces are currently being finalised, and are of course in full use.

A few weeks ago, as part of our renovation work, we also started renewing the underground pipe system and expanding the car park. We will be working hard on this in the coming weeks on weekdays, making sure that all rooms and facilities remain easily accessible.

Of course, you can also check out the updates below to get a good impression of how the new hotel is coming along and the results of our efforts!