Van der Valk Hotel Nuland-'s-Hertogenbosch has the international quality mark 'The Green Key' (silver).

The Green Key is an international standard for businesses in the tourism and leisure industry, and in the field for meeting and conference venues, which are seriously and verifiably in related to sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), concern for the environment of the company and the nature around them.

The Green Key guarantees a voluntary commitment of the entrepreneur to do more for the environment than legislation requires of him. The GREEN KEY is a means of communicating the sustainable image of the company to guests, business partners and governments.

To qualify for the Green Key the business has to show appropriate actions regarding the environment and CSR. These measures are partly compulsory, partly optional. Green Key Netherlands has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Van der Valk Hotel Nuland-'s-Hertogenbosch
Van der Valk Hotel Nuland-'s-Hertogenbosch understands showing respect for the environment as one of its main objectives. Limiting environmental risks and the control of environmental pollution are a primary responsibility of the management and employees.

The employees are obliged to carry out their work in accordance with established procedures and the associated policy of the company.

- Services to deliver that meet and anticipate the expectations of guests.
- The operations to carry out in such a way that the environment is protected and that the safety and health of the guests, employees and suppliers is ensured.