Charging stations

Are you the owner of an electric car? At Van der Valk hotel Nuland-'s-Hertogenbosch, two of our parking lots are equipped with an ANWB charging station for electric cars. You can make use of this during your stay.

Van der Valk hotel Nuland-'s-Hertogenbosch tries to contribute to a better environment in various ways. Therefore we offer this service to our guests.

The use of an ANWB charging station works as follows:

Use the charging cable to connect the car to the charging post.
Scan your national charging card or scan the QR code on your smartphone and press the link to start the charging session.
Don't have a charge card? Then install the "Charge Assist" app on your smartphone and start a charging session for your vehicle via the app.
Our hotel's electric charging stations:

  • Are usable with the national charging card
  • Are usable with the "Charge Assist" app
  • Are installed in two parking lots
  • Are usable for a large proportion of all electric cars