With your company, you can enjoy a rich and varied brunch buffet with real "Valk" specialties. We invite you to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities andyour preferences. 

The following text is a description of the brunch:

Brunch is € 29.50 p.p. *

We serve two meals up front, present you with a delicious hot and cold buffet with "Valk" specialties and close the brunch with a delicious Grand Dessert openly on display.

Patty stuffed with chicken ragout
Creamy tomato soup
A comprehensive luxury bread selection which includes several types of savory and sweet spreads
Smoked salmon
Smoked trout fillet
Herring with chopped onions
Tuna Salad
Fruit salad
Roasted ham, carved at the buffet by one of our chefs
Chicken breast with mushroom sauce
Whitefish fillet in spicy tomato sauce
Potato Gratin
Potato Croquettes
Dessert du Grand Chef, openly on display.

* Includes coffee, tea, fruit juices and dairy drinks.