Asparagus Menu



Creamy asparagus soup with ham or salmon strips

€ 6.25


Smoked ribeye with asparagus marinated in herb oil,

sundried tomatoes and a fine salad

€ 12.50


Smoked salmon with asparagus, mustard cream,

cucumber, radish and a small salad

€ 12.50


A green salad with asparagus marinated in herb oil,

sweet and sour vegetables and garlic croutons

€ 11.50


Main dishes

Asparagus served with poached salmon and

Hollandaise sauce

€ 21.50


Asparagus "traditionally" with ham,

egg, parsley and butter gravy

€ 23.50


In curry butter fried prawns and asparagus

served with lobster sauce

€ 21.50


Dutch stir-fry with green and white asparagus, tomatoes and puff a light tomato salsa

€ 19.50



Fresh Dutch strawberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

€ 5.75


For all main courses of the asparagus menu
we serve
 boiled potatoes